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Let’s welcome The Dolls new producer in style with this Dolls (and audience Q & A!!! Livestream happened on March 9, 2023
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March 3, 2023


Ok Doll Collectors, you may have your limits on bliss but you didn’t say anything about a shunting… and we are still on a shunting high after talking about this discussing that unique, gooey, stretchy little film known as Society!
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Its a baffling garment… It’s finally happening! This week The Dolls bring you a movie that was VERY influential in both of their horror journeys: Suspiria (1977) And they’re dying to know, do any of you Doll Collectors have a Suspiria meet-cute story? Please share!
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OK Doll Collectors, all we want for Christmas is a high pony and eyeballs! 🤭 As Christmas Spooky season comes to a close, we couldn’t let it go by without continuing our Black Christmas series with Black Xmas 2006, aka: Really pretty people getting really f**ked up!
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“I’m Doctor Bad Ass, now give me a ride in your sexy black car…” Ok, we know some of you guys might be going through a little jingle shock right about now, but buckle up because for installment #2 of our 2022 Christmas Spooky Season we are breaking down 2003s Dead End!
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